“A riveting book… A profound portrait” – Comments on “Rabble-Rouser”

Commentators, writers and leaders have provided pre-publication comments for the jacket of “Rabble-Rouser for Peace.” Among comments which will be used, on the jackets of either the U.S. or S.A./U.K. editions:

A superb book, showing what an extraordinary peacemaker—and warm human being—Desmond Tutu is. It makes fascinating reading.”Mary Robinson, President, Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globablization Initiative, and Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Apartheid never defeated (Desmond Tutu) because of his passionate belief that the status of every human being is God-given and indelible… This book tells his story: how he overcame illness and every kind of opposition—from the misguided to the blatantly wicked—with faith, determination, exuberance and an irrepressible sense of humour. These are Christlike gifts… I read (Rabble Rouser for Peace) with a growing sense of admiration and gratitude. I shall read it again. If you choose to read it, it will warm you and make you laugh, dance and cry with Tutu.” — +Sentamu Ebor, Archbishop of York

“This is a riveting book. John Allen has given us a profound portrait of one of the few great human beings of our age and of the country he did so much to save. He shows Archbishop Tutu in all his courage, his uproarious humor, his passion. And he discloses much that happened behind the scenes in the struggle that finally brought a peaceful revolution to South Africa.” — Anthony Lewis, former New York Times columnist

This book should be part of every secondary school curriculum and widely commended to everyone because it’s the study of one of the truly great men of our time. Desmond Tutu dedicated his life and his ministry to fighting oppression, injustice and prejudice not only in apartheid South Africa but wherever they occur. His story is a soaring triumph to the search for truth and reconciliation, and his humanity is an inspiration to the world.” — Sir Trevor McDonald, British broadcaster

“As the people’s archbishop, Desmond Tutu’s bubbling enthusiasm and infectious zest for humanity shines through in this remarkable biography, as does his integrity and burning passion for justice and liberty worldwide. He is an uncomfortable critic to have around for anyone in power—even his own government, for which he struggled for so long.” — Peter Hain, former apartheid campaigner and present UK cabinet minister.

“This is the story of a slight, sickly black boy, living at the margins of South African society, who grew up to be a towering figure of moral power, religious significance, and political impact—one of the very few great human beings of our age. There is no one on earth who will not profit from reading this story, told with such precision, sympathy, and mounting dramatic tension by John Allen. But do not bother to pick it up unless you are willing to be transformed into a better person than you are at the present moment.” — Thomas Cahill, author of “How the Irish Saved Civilization” and “The Gifts of the Jews”

“Desmond Tutu has not only lived the contemporary history of South Africa he has shaped it. He has demonstrated that suffering need not destroy and that in the face of seemingly impossible odds hope must be maintained. This book should be read by all who long to see peace and justice in a troubled world.” — Terry Waite

This inspirational biography of Desmond Tutu is a testament to the central role of justice in our troubled world. His life and his belief in our common humanity provides the ultimate road map to peace.” — Baroness Helena Kennedy, QC

“Archbishop Tutu’s objective of seeking ‘a democratic and just society without racial divisions’ is not only applicable in South Africa, but wherever there are human beings.” — His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“In the cover photo of ‘Rabble-Rouser for Peace,’ Desmond Tutu appears to be carrying a Bible. Of course. His passion and courage follow in the truth-telling tradition of the prophets, and his insistence on peace and forgiveness bring the teachings of Jesus to bear on some of the thorniest problems of modern life. For those of use who might become weary of fighting injustice and intolerance, there is the example of this lion of a man with a tender heart, who has demonstrated what a difference one person can make.” — The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr., Senior Minister, The Riverside Church, New York City

“This book gives remarkable insights into how Tutu’s spiritual worldview and discipline moulded him into the pre-eminent religious leader in South Africa’s struggle against racism and a passionate advocate of human rights internationally.” — Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States and Nobel Peace Laureate