Rabble-Rouser Shortlisted for SA Book Award

“Rabble-Rouser” was one of five South African non-fiction works shortlisted for South Africa’s annual Alan Paton Award for Non-Fiction.

The award, announced on June 16, 2007, was given to Ivan Vladislavic, for his book, “Portrait With Keys.” Bloomberg news reported on the award in a report from Cape Town, Afrikaans Epic, Suburban Memoir Win Africa’s Richest Book Prize .

At the awards ceremony, “Rabble-Rouser” was pronounced “The definitive study of the life of one of South Africa’s great heroes,” and described as “A full, rich account of Tutu’s life.”

The shortlist was announced at a function organised by the Sunday Times newspaper in Johannesburg on May 2. The other books shortlisted were:

  • THE SUITCASE STORIES: Refugee children reclaim their identities by Glynis Clacherty, Double Storey
  • WHITE SCARS: On Reading and Rites of Passage by Denis Hirson, Jacana Media
  • TOUCH MY BLOOD: The Early Years by Fred Khumalo, Umuzi

Of “Rabble-Rouser,” the judges said: “Rabble-Rouser for Peace is a powerful, meticulously crafted biography of Desmond Tutu. John Allen, who served as Tutu’s press secretary for many years, offers an insightful view of the Nobel laureate, examining his abiding spirituality and role in shaping South Africa’s history. It is also, as one juror noted, ‘a humane account of our times, and of our society and democracy in the making’.”

Full details here: SHORT LISTS ANNOUNCED: Prize fighters